Thursday, 14 July 2011


Well hellooooo world, my first blog woohoo its one of those things I have been meaning to 'get around to' doing in a long time know how it goes? (well unless you are one of those awesome people who don't procrastinate like I tend to do)

Well what to say? hi? how are you? ...

No really though I have it in my head that this blog will mostly be about my not so teeny addiction to...SCRAPBOOKING, like seriously I am SUPER addicted right now!
I spend hours reading other peoples blogs, literally...anything to do with scrap booking I have listed in my Google reader list, anything that inspires me anyways!
Right now I am loving some great NZ blogs from artfull crafts and scottie crafts they contain alot of awesome information that is relevant to little ol me here in New Zealand, the other day artfull crafts had a tutorial on editing your photos which can be found here, Lowri mentions she uses Picasso by google so I checked it out and I am hooked on it what a great FREE program.

heres some photos that I have edited on Picaso:

I just love them, I feel so 'semi professional photographer' using this program...seriously if you don't have a photo editing program who needs 'photoshop' not you GO GET 'Picasso' you won't regret it!

Ummm not sure what else to say in my 'introductory' post, check my profile if you want to know more about me and my interests and likes etc. I am going to put up photos of my recent layouts so you can see what my current style of scrap booking is.

I am only a 'beginner' as such I haven't been scrap booking long but I think looking over my album you can see how my skills are slowly but surely evolving, when I first started scrap booking I would simply put a framed photo on some nice paper add a few rub ons do some journaling and tah daaaah I was done, now I like to try add a little more detail and jazz it up a little hopefully you will agree my style and skill are slowly evolving...

anyway thanks for reading this (if you did) and hopefully one day I can inspire you in some ways :-)


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  1. Hi Shanna - really pleased you found our blog and that you like the photo-editing hints useful.
    We love getting feedback! Good luck with your blog - I love the layouts you have so far and look forward to seeing more!
    Lowri :-)