Thursday, 21 July 2011

new post with a new/ish layout

My 'perfect' kid...most of the time!

I finished this layout last week sometime and I am in love with it because I was able to use new techniques, I was able to use new products AND this page was one I had done awhile ago but wasn't completely happy with, so i jazzed it up and now i am so happy!

I should have taken a before photo! Originally it was the photo with the title and the perfection sticker, where the 3d effect is on the right side was this beautiful design that was already on the paper I bought 2 pieces so I could do a 2nd page with other photos but I had a flash of inspiration to cut out the design and layer it over the pattern to create a 3d effect! I had bought some rock candy crackle paint a couple of weeks ago but really hadn't had the opportunity to use it I really didn't know what to expect putting it on the cut out but I am so glad I did I love the glossy effect! I pretty much rock candied everything on the right lol that's how much i love it. I also glimmermisted this beautiful bit of lacey flowery ribbon I just got and it makes my heart melt...just a little.

Hope everyone is good in the big wide world of the web, we are currently on dial-up and it is not very fun at all I am addicted to reading scrapbooking blogs and the photos take forever to load...only 5 more days to go until a new 'internet' month starts so yay!

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  1. aaww! WOW! this layout is totally JOY! such a fantastic photo and i so love the design! very rustic and total perfection!