Saturday, 16 July 2011

tired *yawn*

Today I held a creative memories party at my house, it went well although I didn't get a page done I could not for the life of me think about how I wanted to present my page I had another go tonight and I still don't know what to do...I am too tired to care too much tonight however so no biggy.
The 3 other people who attended did a great job, what I love the most about creative memories and the parties you hold at home is that there is no pressure to be perfect or outstanding you just have a play and you come away with a great looking first page, I think most people surprise themselves with just how creative they actually can be.

You may be interested to know I made a few purchases today though, I made about $250 worth of sales which gave me 4 half price products and $50 spending money (woop woop) so I bought a paper edging tool to give it that rough edge look, a puzzle maker punch, a sweetheart maker punch and some sticky tape refill all for the price of $63 so I did pretty OK...still wish I hadn't spent quite so much but its done now. My mother in law bought a bit but the main purchases were a flower punch and a cutting tool set, and my mother bought a star punch that actually embosses it at the same I will have fun playing around with all of these toys when they arrive!

I was thinking today about what scrap booking means to me and scrap booking to me is the best way to honour, preserve and tell the stories behind your photographs. I love looking at photos, new or old but there's only so much looking you can do before you think ok next...with scrap booking your giving photos life again and telling stories that will be treasured for generations.

Well I might go to bed just wanted to write in my blog a little to keep up to date with it all...


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