Thursday, 21 July 2011

Something different

Here is something a bit different to the norm for me today, I have made a mini book using paper bags! I got the idea from a tutorial I found on youtube here.
The pictures aren't great I know maybe later if you would like I will retake them so they are clearer, I took them on my iPod touch using the app 'hipstamatic' I really love the effects it creates with your photos and I would love to do a layout using the photos I take on the iPod.

I made this mini book for a friend who is moving overseas (hopefully they dont see this before they receive it) It is not completely finished I would still like to decorate it a little bit more just not sure how! and of course I have to find the photos I want to use and stick them on with a bit of journalling.

It is a 10 page (in all book) with another 10 pages on 5 inserts (so 2 pages to one insert) I really loved making this project as it was alot easier than I thought it would be and the end result is AMAZING! The quality of my book could be a lot nicer I think maybe next time I will use cardboard as the strips that bind it together rather than paper just so it is a bit sturdier. The paper I used to make this was a my minds eye pack from the warehouse which I cant remember the name of but I really like it.

I changed the design a little bit on the inserts, on the tutorial the lady made them look like an actual tag and used flowers etc as the part you pull up, as you can see I just rounded the edges and left them as is, I then used decorative safety pins with ribbon tied on to them as the part where you pull the insert up I love the effect I think it makes the book look a little like a present.

so I am pretty pleased with my shabby first mini book heres a few more pictures I have taken

I think this is such a cute wee book to make, I would really love to try make a book using the wood next time I want to make a yummy baking recipe book mmmmmm!


  1. and so you should be pleased with your creativity - looks gorgeous ... loving the colours that you have chosen.

  2. Thankyou, this was really fun to do because I dont often get to use girly papers and pretty girly embellishments.

    I finally got a hot glue gun so I am going to try add string to a layout soon, so excited!

  3. OMG! WOW! this is incredible! so much texture! what a totally inspiring idea! love your choice of papers! so yummy!